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Anger is usually not seen as an emotion that needs work. If you are a boss and think
that the only way people around you work is when you are angry, you won’t take help
for anger. When it is about children, an inappropriate display of anger can be much
more damaging than you think. Your work might get done, but you would be leaving
a permanent scar on your child’s mind. Stop it! knowing anger is damaging but
difficult to inculcate changes in your behavior. For example, you are in a shopping
mall and your child starts asking for things and throwing tantrums. This is the
moment your mind could explode! Anger episodes are strenuous and lasting. These
emotions don’t make us feel comfortable when you are experiencing them. It’s a
established fact that anger can destroy social, personal and interpersonal lives.
Is anger only a bad emotion? Can there be no good that can come out of it? No!
Anger is also a helpful emotion if used in small, appropriate proportions. Though
these proportions have no standards, if followed, they can be helpful.
The good news is, you can change your patterns of being angry. In this booklet we
are going to work on two parts:
Moderate anger
Express it without hurting others



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