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We cannot ignore the importance of emotions in teaching and learning. Most
schools focus on thinking aspects of studying and pay less attention to
emotional issues. Emotions and how you feel at the point of a situation is
essential as it plays a crucial role in learning, and can help or make it difficult
for a child’s academic performance and success in school.
For example, when you are happy or are feeling motivated due to some
reason, it changes your performance to be better, you feel more energetic, and
your behaviour towards others is also cheerful, but when negative emotions
take over, everything goes vice-versa. Learning in the classrooms can be better
facilitated if the student practices with satisfaction, and his efforts are
successful. When a learner has a wholehearted desire to learn something, the
learning becomes more pleasurable and understandable.
It is important to be able to aware of a person’s emotions while responding to
their actions, events or what they say; this plays a significant role in setting up
conversations. Sometimes, this might lead to opposition to the act of
participating in discussions, learning to agree or disagree with someone’s
opinion, and being able to put forward yours; it’s all about the ability to
understand the feelings of others.
Being able to recognize problems at an early age is the key to prevent future
emotional and social issues. Students who suffer from abnormal social-
emotional development are less connected to the school as they go from
primary to secondary school and show lower academic performance.
Emotional development is essential, and both the home and school
environments are critical not just for good grades but also in nurturing success
and happiness in life.

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