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Literature – The Future career



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Throughout history there have been studies done and theories written about
factors affecting the nature of career. Many have brought out fascinating
results like social background, economical background, region, etc. This article
focuses on one such variable that is less spoken about and that is literature.
The basic idea of pursuing a career path is motivation. No human can survive in
any work environment with lack of motivation. Most of us find our motivation
in the literature we read. Different eras had different types of literature
ranging from epics to novels and finally to modern epics. The article also talks
about how the situation around us or in our region affected the literature that
was produced.

Starting with epics, a long literature of a hero in a very narrow view point. In
epics the hero gives us a sense of completeness and his actions justify his
moral code. Epics do not leave anything to speculation and in that sense they
are seen as closed or bounded literature. Epics also focus on hero being
masculine and defines his actions as duties that he must fulfil . Whereas in a
novel everything is subject to change. It focuses more on the reality of the
world and its problems. The individual has internal and external issues that he
needs to fight. The story of a novel is an open end . Novel constantly criticizes
itself and is a developing genre. Coming to the point about career , in the time
of epics career was seen as a heroic job and it was only for the elites because
not everyone is a hero. Later, with the emergence of novels career was seen as
a struggle to be the best. The increase in competition gave rise to
individualistic view .

But both novel and epic cannot inculcate the various
factors affecting careers and so the modern epic rose rapidly. The modern epic
gave rise to the notion of a journey the hero has to take up in order to find
himself and become self aware.
In the future freelance, part-time jobs, etc. will rise given way to open end
paths and a sense of embarking on a journey of finding yourself and becoming


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