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Metamorphosis is a blended learning platform that works on psychology. 80% of success is how you think and what you think the rest is your skills. We a Metamorphosis are committed to work on your thinking and support you in getting and achieving the results you want in life.
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Boundaryless careers: Jack of All Trades &master of all. In simple terms boundaryless careers are like this. You take one job and do it. Meanwhile acquire new skills. Then quit that job and get a new one. Just like the machine. In time your knowledge will span across many areas and you will be able to do many jobs. These careers also have a trial and error system but eventually you find your pace and then you’re an all rounder of corporate world. Hence, boundaryless careers mean “Jack of all trades.” Boundaryless career system is for people instead of organisations. People do jobs because they want to not because they have to. You can say while there exist an employer-employee relationship the you are self employed as well. Instead of giving power to organisations and hierarchies, you have it in your own hands. And organisations are now accepting this as well. They now often

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